Education is Key to Firearm Safety

Who and what do our future generations fall back on when times are tough?  The answer is themselves and it is our obligation as parents and teachers to provide them these lessons; to show them how to keep moving ahead. Canadian children should understand the importance of keeping connected to the land, learning about where real food comes from, and acknowledging the need to feel and be safe in our communities.  Why would we choose to keep them in the dark?  As a mother, I want my children to learn as much as they can about a variety of subjects.  Guns included as they need to be prepared down the road

Thousands of hunters and gun owners in our own community were hit with a hard blow last May.  A very hard, low blow.  1500 guns were banned and the list continued to grow arbitrarily; no one really understands why.  The statistics do not match what the media tells us.  The ban was done without any democratic process during a time when Canadians are at their most vulnerable.  Gang issues and violent crime across Canada will continue to increase as the focus continues to take away from working people and take it easy on criminals.  

If the leaders of this country think about their own children, and their future, perhaps they would bring them to a local gun range, talk to a hunter, attend a shooting competition.  Maybe they do; but it doesn’t seem that way.  I know my stance on firearms, however, and they are completely not aligned with those who reign in Ottawa.  I view firearms as safe and extraordinarily valuable when used the way they are intended.  Those in Ottawa see them as scary and dangerous – and it’s precisely because they remain uneducated. 

It appears some people at the very top of the food chain take safety and responsibility for granted – I can’t begin to speculate why but it would appear, ultimately, that the gross misuse of government power during this pandemic is the result of failed and/or miseducation.  Although I don’t understand how it got this far, I understand misconceptions about guns as I remained uneducated about them up until 2007.  I’ve since learned that responsible gun owners value and respect firearms and we pass along these necessary lessons, and guns, down to our children for their benefit and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, our country kept guns hidden away for far too long and allowed the media and politicians to demonize them; the media and politicians who lack the education themselves.  Providing children with all the information we can, at the appropriate time, sets them up for success.  A good teacher and parent understands this.  We create a huge disservice to our future workforce and our country in general when we keep young people sheltered from practical skills and critical thinking.  

In my opinion, education is the portal to the future and a good future at that.  When it comes to firearms, what do you do when you come across a gun?  How do you ensure it’s safe?  When can you use a firearm safely and responsibly?  What is required to own a gun in Canada?  I believe in education and community support.  I believe people can change and grow through work and personal development. I believe when given the upper hand one must use it responsibly.  As the leaders of our country continue to take away more from the working class, as done on May 1, 2020,  they willingly giving up on our future generations and their ability to take care of themselves when in need.  When thinking about our kids, is it fair to give up on them?  Is it fair to keep them in the dark when they are eager to learn so much?  I don’t think so.

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