National Range Day at Northern Elite Firearms

National Range Day is celebrated on June 4, 2022 – this is a huge event happening across Canada.

The focus of this day is on Canadian gun owners and their firearm hobbies. Expect to experience an exciting time at your local range with the goal of decreasing negativity associated with the shooting sports. Bring your Canadian community together to end the myths associated with gun ownership. As a firearm enthusiast, invite your family and friends, from all walks of life, and encourage them to participate. Introduce new people to firearms by taking advantage of Canadian ranges that are ready to provide public education.

Many people struggle with a negative view of firearms. To overcome this; range experience and good safety habits are essential. Let’s come together and take the mystery out of guns to help people overcome their fears. Gun owners are average people who are approachable and productive members of society. Shooting is a historical, enjoyable, and inclusive activity that welcomes all people.

On June 4th, Canadian ranges look forward to sport shooters, collectors, recreational shooters, and hunters gathering together at the shooting line. Here we honour generational knowledge from a group of people who care about safety and value our freedoms.  

Support this exciting national program by contacting your local club, range, or retailer to offer your help. Many ranges plan on an open house where gun enthusiasts can show-off their guns and help other people explore their hobby.

Northern Elite Firearms hosts National Range Day on June 4 from 11 to 7 pm. Test your aim in our 22 LR competition where the community’s top eagle eye can win a gun! Several other opportunities to win guns and prizes will be available. During the day, participants will meet an amazing group of people within the firearm community where conversation is encouraged. A BBQ is planned and other goodies and beverages will be available.

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