Handgun Mayhem Update:

There was no way that anyone in this country could’ve prepared themselves for what turned out to be simply described as handgun mayhem which began on May 31, 2022. As Trudeau made his announcement for a “handgun freeze”, it was like the apocalypse had begun. By the end of the week we were completely sold out. Today we’re totaling approximately 600 handgun sales. The saga continues.

Yesterday we brought in three pallets of guns; every handgun will likely be gone by the end of this week. You see, Trudeau, either complete fool or genius, somehow managed to sell virtually every handgun available at Canadian retailers the week before last. With the threat of his handgun ban looming, sales skyrocketed and the shelves emptied. Customers walked through the doors purchasing armloads. It was an amazing experience to be a part of. Some say it was an act of protest and it certainly seemed that way.

The first few days of the buying frenzy resulted in many retailers across the country unable to manage the influx. We finally had to turn our own phones off on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in order to manage the sharp increase in workload with the addition of the National Range Day events we had planned for weeks leading up to the announcement. It really was awesome but also incredibly stressful. It will be a long road to recovery.

As a small shop in the middle of nowhere, with limited staff and resources, we’ve managed to keep the flow of guns going and continue to process transfers as we sell more handguns in this last two weeks than an entire year. Prior to the situation we’re currently experiencing, a transfer within the Prairies usually took anywhere from 1-3 days, on average. To date, we aren’t able to guarantee timeframes at all. Two weeks is hopeful; a month may be more realistic. With all provincial CFOs likely working at full capacity, it would be difficult to believe that any of them knew exactly how this would unfold. It’s recommended that all recent handgun buyers keep an eye on their email for a confirmation from their provincial CFO. We encourage everyone to refrain from calling unless you are absolutely positive the transfer is confirmed and you haven’t heard back from us via email or phone call within a few days.

After witnessing what I have during the beginning days of June, and although I don’t agree with the fear-mongering used to sell the guns, I will attest to the fact that we may possibly be on the cusp of the end of handgun sales in Canada. If you ever wanted a handgun, and you have the means of doing so, it’s highly recommended you make time for it now. There are rumours here and there; rumours of OICs especially, and with the state of the current government it seems like anything goes. We will continue bringing in the guns until we’re told no: again, could be the fall, could be next year. There is very little information; zero direction.

We hope these strange times would end soon but it’s hard to determine what way the wind will take us. We thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate our business through.

Here are the limited handguns we currently have available.

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