The Amazing Kershaw Hat Trick!

This week’s blog is all about this amazing Kershaw hat trick.  Buy a target and get entered into this FREE DRAW.  With each target sale, the lucky winner is receiving these three awesome Kershaw knives PLUS 12 BONUS targets on the current Byrna Un-Gun Target Draw AND a $200 gift certificate from Northern Elite Firearms!  

There are 50 targets available at $25 each. There is no limit on how many targets you can buy.

Option #1: Buy a target for $25 plus $5 and we will ship you a target AND you will get a free spot to win this prize.  You MUST send us your mailing address if you want it shipped.
Option #2: Buy a target for $25; donate it to our Ladies Range Day events PLUS get a free spot to win this prize.
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