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Zzzz Win The Group Therapy Package! Draw Completed – Congrats Mike StClair!


Another awesome prize with The Target Draw. A portion of the target sales will be donated to a great organization that supports First Responders and PTSD survivors all across the Country!

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Win All The Guns!
Congratulations to #17 Mike StClair!
Link to live YouTube draw here:https://youtu.be/W48BGtsQEXo
There are 400 targets available at $50 each. There is no limit on how many targets you can buy.
Option #1: Buy a target for $50 plus $5 shipping and we’ll ship you a target PLUS you will get a free spot to win this prize.
Option #2: Buy a target for $50 and donate it to our Ladies Range Day events PLUS get a free spot to win this prize.

In the spirit of giving and the new year ahead, $2000 of target sales from this draw will be donated to the River Valley Resilience Retreat in Prince Albert, SK.

River Valley Resilience Retreat


“Rest Our Responders”

This non-profit is near and dear to our hearts. They serve our “wounded warriors” including veterans, law enforcement, military, corrections, doctors, social workers, EMS – every responder who needs respite. Michelle and Jeff work hard to reach out to all our community members who are brothers and sisters in the firearm community.

To enter you can send an EMT to:
or stop by the store. We have auto deposit but if required please use passcode: target
In the comments section of the EMT please include your name and phone number. Please also specify what the EMT is for. If not, we will enter your name in draw of our choice. If you have a lucky number please include in the EMT comments as well, otherwise we will select a random spot for you. Confirmation of your EMT will be confirmed via number assignment and/or your name on the final list. Your name will not go on the list if payment was not received.
A valid PAL is required to take possession of these items. We will contact the winner to arrange shipment or pick-up. Shipping is included.
We’ll post how many spots are left as the targets sell. In the event we go over the number of available spots we will add the overflow to the next draw which will be determined by Northern Elite Firearms.
Draw will be done live on YouTube using a random number generator once all spots are filled or on date listed below. Please do not contact via email or Messenger asking when the draw date is. Please refer here to our website as we will post an updated copy of all 400 spots and names as they sell; a final list will be posted once all spots are filled followed by a date and time for the YouTube live draw via random number generator.
No purchase necessary. Contest ends on 05/28/2022 or once there are no more contest targets. All prize claims must be redeemed by 06/14/2022. For a no purchase entry, write by hand a 1000 word essay on the importance of firearm education, send a postage paid, self-addressed stamped envelope to Northern Elite Firearms ATTN Targets, 143 – 44th Street West, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 5P9, which must be postmarked by 01/07/2022 and received no later than 01/15/2022. Once received and verified the participant’s name will be added to a current contest at the discretion of Northern Elite Firearms. Duplicate essays not permitted. Only open to residents of Canada. Void where prohibited. Odds at outset 1 in 400. Prize valued at $17490.00 MSRP including shipping and taxes. Prize includes 1x Howa 1500 .30-06 bolt action rifle with TruGlo 4-12×44 riflescope; 1x Hanic 410g lever action shotgun; 1x Ruger American Ranch 5.56 NATO bolt action rifle; 1x Canuck Renegade 12g pump action shotgun; 1x Kriss Vector .45 acp semi auto rifle; 1x Benelli SBEII 12g semi-auto shotgun; 1x BCL MRX Bison 5.56 NATO bolt action rifle; 1x Bergara BMP 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action rifle; 1x Savage 64 FV SR 22LR semi-auto rifle; 1x Savage MKII 22LR bolt action rifle; 1x Weatherby 12g semi-auto shotgun; 1x CZ 557 American 6.5 Creedmoor bolt action rifle; 6 double hard cases.  $2000 proceeds of target sales will be donated, on behalf of The Target Draw and Northern Elite Firearms, to the River Valley Resilience Retreat in Prince Albert, SK.  Correctly answered math skill-testing question required (2+2×5-5). Prizes and/or targets may not be exactly as shown. Contestants must have valid PAL to enter. By sending an EMT each participant releases Facebook/YouTube of any liabilities. By sending EMT you consent to your name being published on Facebook/YouTube. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook/YouTube.
Final list:
1. Brann Vancoughnett
2. Kirk Beaulac
3. Mike Johnson
4. Clinton Panter
5. Dan Kallio
6. Robin Flanagan
7. Keenan Magis .
8. Andrew Hardy
9. Devin Birecki
10. Merle Fellhauer
11. Chris King
12. Billy Kinch
13. Alex Laronde
14. William Upton
15. Monty Blomberg
16. Mike Wood
17. Mike StClair
18. Curtis Olson
19. Andrew Gustafson
20. Kirk Borchardt
21. Ryan Pease
22. Dominique Foulon
23. Devin Birecki
24. Nathaniel Wilson
25. Nathaniel Wilson
26. Dustin Hardlotte
27. Larry Richardson
28. Jaroslaw Nesterov
29. Mike Wood
30. Keasto Mun
31. Cody Carr
32. William Campagna
33. Dalton Zinn
34. Leanne Sotheran Jones
35. Blake Jowett
36. Fred Grover
37. Eric Saulnier
38. David Watsko
39. Daryl Balazsi
40. Ian Dzialo
41. Dez
42. John C Halovich
43. Brad Fraser
44. Jason Bardick
45. Ronald Dowe
46. Chris Riese
47. William Upton
48. Etienne Gourdes
49. Scott Schinagl
50. Allan Kochan
51. Mike Tullis
52. Cody Shand
53. Marcel Raiwet
54. Nathan Atkinson
55. Jody Thrush
56. Dwayne Dobrinski
57. Dave Lachapelle
58. Tyson Bannerman
59. Cale Major
60. Marty Foisy
61. Keegan Fockler
62. Regan
63. Scott Osachoff
64. Devonn Marlo Alexander
65. Jerry Toffan
66. Mark Kehrig
67. Scott Bell
68. Jay Hebert
69. Spencer Deschene
70. Alexis Johnson
71. Chris Rimmington
72. Jodie Paul
73. Andrew Raymond
74. Isak Benjaminsson
75. James Alexy
76. Ryan Wheeler
77. Dave Biesenthal
78. Ryan Bayrack
79. Brandon Hachkewich
80. Mike Benoit
81. Jason Rinas
82. Chris Patenaude
83. Benjamin Blanchard
84. Lee Sword
85. Tim Gatzke
86. Broden Lueke
87. Bryan Sharp
88. Justin Mercuri
89. Maxime Bilodeau
90. Ken Littlefield
91. Alexandre Labonte
92. Darren Abbott
93. Michael Ball
94. Chad Tweidt
95. Haley Godwin
96. Steven Olynick
97. Robert Jones
98. Cris Morley
99. Jeremy Major
100. Devin Loucks
101. Brodie Will
102. Michael Murphy
103. Tyler Warkentin
104. Dave Knowles
105. Robert Mercer
106. Marty Ryhorchuk
107. Ernest Roberts
108. Ken Peakman
109. Jamie Rosengren
110. Wayne Rasmussen
111. Stacey Kun
112. Merlin Horness
113. Del Hoogenboom
114. Jesse Eno
115. Chad Buist
116. Brad Grolla
117. Kyle Stroeder
118. Steven Laidlaw
119. Brad Kraychy
120. Tracy Leavitt
121. Austin Meyers
122. Trent Brecht
123. Jason Wagner
124. John Halovich
125. Jake Wolstenholme
126. Ricky Jesse
127. Travis Murphy
128. Nathaniel Wilson
129. Jeremy Brennan
130. Ron DeGraaff
131. Robert Hayes
132. Justin Travassos
133. Alex Baillie
134. Matt Hamm
135. Duane Wadge
136. Rob Harrison
137. Randall Read
138. Sidney Bernard
139. Michael Novlan
140. Eric Herzog
141. Jim Bietz
142. Donovan Williams
143. Sylvain Lacombe
144. Lyle Bingley
145. Patrick Dolter
146. Christopher Daly
147. Amilee Thevenot
148. Chris King
149. Derek Oegema
150. Eric Saulnier
151. Clayton Mohr
152. Devin Birecki
153. Etienne Gourdes
154. Ryan Wheeler
155. Evan Sulatyski
156. Brady Turner
157. David Watsko
158. Rob Fornelli
159. Tanner Peakman
160. Dean Ditomaso
161. Rick Marion
162. Blake Jowett
163. Robin Flanagan
164. Billy Kinch
165. Lee Kuhn
166. Mason Adams
167. Chris Milligan
168. Leanne Sotheran Jones
169. Billy Pitt
170. Dez
171. Darell McCorriston
172. Bryan Flavelle
173. Rick Sadowsky
174. Mike Skeen
175. Michael Navarro
176. Evan Eremko
177. Aron Meier
178. Bryan Verbonac
179. Devonn Marlo Alexander
180. Cody Shand
181. Greg Shepley
182. Lyle Bingley
183. Darwin Rye
184. Fred Grover
185. Willard Johnson
186. Dave Dyck
187. Aaron Olson
188. Christopher Campbell
189. Dustin Hardlotte
190. Jason Rioux
191. James Smith
192. Mitchell Hodges
193. Paula Freimuth
194. Billy Jackpine
195. Trevor Rehaluk
196. Mike Aird
197. Andrew Box
198. Greg Canning
199. Cory Fodchuk
200. Megan Murphy
201. Troy Clutchey
202. Joseph Parker
203. Allan Kochan
204. Jason Kuervers
205. Tim Gatzke
206. Lorilee Ritco
207. Will Lamb
208. Jesse Eno
209. Curtis Olson
210. Devonn Marlo Alexander
211. Steve James
212. Velvetdawn Hayward
213. Connor Ware
214. Mike Johnson
215. Brodie Will
216. Cale Major
217. Mike Crosby
218. John C Halovich
219. Joseph Boser
220. Tana Auseth
221. Eugene Bogan
222. Ben Boyes
223. Ernest Roberts
224. Glenn Zdrill
225. Scott Osachoff
226. Jayson Watier
227. Daniel Der
228. Monty Blomberg
229. Nicole Karp
230. Tyson Bannerman
231. Maxime Bilodeau
232. Paul Larsson
233. Andrew Gustafson
234. Delta Victor
235. Shane Niebrugge
236. Larry Richardson
237. Brady Turner
238. Derek McDonald
239. Tracy Leavitt
240. James Springer
241. Cory Bali
242. Brian Paul
243. Colton Renschler
244. Nathan Atkinson
245. Klaus Gevenich
246. Billy Kinch
247. Ian Schmidtz
248. Jerry Toffan
249. Chris Riese
250. Chris Belanger
251. Marc Leblanc
252. Jamie McDougall
253. Richard Moulton
254. Alexis Johnson
255. Marty Ryhorchuk
256. Trent Brecht
257. Jason Rinas
258. Isak Benjaminsson
259. Jason Court
260. Brendan Mckillop
261. Devin Birecki
262. Jodie Paul
263. Austin Meyers
264. Marty Foisy
265. Kyle Jackson
266. Will Davie
267. Travis Murphy
268. Jamie Rosengren
269. Brad Kraychy
270. Randy Stroet
271. Willis Robbins
272. Richard Rutter
273. Haley Godwin
274. Cris Morley
275. Owen Tyler
276. Kevin Morrison
277. Lee Sword
278. Lucas Andrew
279. Clinton Panter
280. Ryan Wheeler
281. Brad Grolla
282. David Watsko
283. Jared Johnson
284. Tammy Zinn
285. John Halovich
286. Kyle Stroeder
287. Devin Loucks
288. Jeremy Brennan
289. Eric Herzog
290. Trevor Easton
291. Jesse Eno
292. Etienne Gourdes
293. Michael Murphy
294. Robert Mercer
295. Andrew Raymond
296. Rick Marion
297. Paula Freimuth
298. Craig Remy
299. Keasto Mun
300. Eric Saulnier
301. Marcel Raiwet
302. Rob Harrison
303. Dwayne Rogness Group
304. Insan Ityre Quired
305. Sylvain Lacombe
306. Kirk Beaulac
307. Brann Vancoughnett
308. Michael Novlan
309. Jason Bardick
310. Ryan Carrie
311. Ryan Bayrack
312. Dennis Lang
313. Andrew Lachapelle
314. Duane Wadge
315. Allan Kochan
316. Chad Heimlick
317. Chad Buist
318. Ken Littlefield
319. Christopher Daley
320. Tracy Leavitt
321. Mitchell Unruh
322. Billy Jackpine
323. Dwayne Dobrinski
324. Jake Wolstenholme
325. William Campagna
326. Chad Humphreys
327. Evan Sauer
328. Dave Knowles
329. Kim Zimmerman
330. Mike Just
331. Patrick Speers
332. Patrick Dolter
333. Cody Shand
334. Donovan Williams
335. Bryan Verbonac
336. Joseph Horton
337. Clayton Mohr
338. Ron DeGraaff
339. Conrad Vitalis
340. Vanja Krtolica
341. Glen Begbie
342. Evan Sulatyski
343. Ernest Roberts
344. Nathaniel Wilson
345. Jake Fraser
346. Lee Kuhn
347. Brock Eckel
348. Aaron Olson
349. Graham Cloutier
350. Fred Grover
351. Jamie McGuin
352. Tim O’Shaughnessy
353. Don Beam
354. Andre Daoust
355. Stacey Kun
356. Billy Kinch
357. Andrew Willard
358. Velvetdawn Hayward
359. Brendan Mckillop
360. Mitch Fazakas
361. Mikel Dupont
362. Rick Sadowsky
363. Doug Horwood
364. Chris Archibald
365. Evan Eremko
366. James Smith
367. Trevor Rehaluk
368. Terry Serge
369. Glenn Zdrill
370. Thomas Pfammatter
371 Devonn Marlo
372. Brian Jewan
373. Aron Meier
374. Jayson Watier
375. James Gludo
376. Connor Ware
377. Colton Renschler
378. Wilf Vansteelandt
379. Wes Godwin
380. Jennifer Eddie
381. Ryan Wheeler
382. Amanda Crashley
383. Garreth Archer
384. Lorilee Ritco
385. Brad Kraychy
386. Nolan Unruh
387. Devin Birecki
388. Brant Hodson
389. Joseph Parker
390. Matt Smith
391. Walter Saluk
392. Greg Shepley
393. Shawn Hjermenrude
394. Cam Brewer
395. Garett Dillman
396. David Watsko
397. Austin Meyers
398. Megan Murphy
399. Jesse Eno
400. Tracy Leavitt


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