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Join us as we offer a land-based and cultural educational program in Prince Albert and area – we welcome everyone!  We are committed to sharing a variety of earth skills and survival knowledge to the families, businesses, and organizations in the Prince Albert area and beyond. This educational movement and the learning opportunities we provide are found in few places but your search is now complete.

What we provide is practical and hands on education; accessible for everyone at every age.  At the core, WEST shares primitive and survival teachings, combined with culture, to beginner and intermediate learners. As students increase their skills and develop their interests, we will continue to build a pathway to provide advanced and master instruction for them.  WEST is a service which provides access points for school divisions/classrooms, homeschooling, law enforcement, and community organizations/locals/reserves – the list is long. Our educators help open the door to a life adventure where you’ll feel more aware and in tune with nature.

Earth skills encompass a large variety of special knowledge that is not taught within the current school curriculums; many skills would be forgotten if not for those who came before us to teach them. We offer skill building and education including: canoeing, fire building, orienteering, chainsaw/firearm instruction and safety, animal and plant identification, trapping/hunting education, camping, ecosystem studies, basket weaving, medicine gathering, sewing and cooking skills – we are definitely growing our list of workshops. We cater to whatever your group requires for curriculum content or just general interest. We acknowledge we still have so much to learn and the path to adventure awaits us all. As the fall and winter seasons approach us here in northern Saskatchewan, we encourage you to embrace a new adventure and book an event or field outing with us.

A day course might include arrival at our main location and start with a morning hike where we identify and collect medicinal and edible plants and explore some animal habitats. We continue to an area where we are working on a log study which engages lots of discussion about life science and discovering different cycles we experience together. We proceed to do some cultural rock paintings – some can choose to use their fingers with natural paints they create on site or use the acrylics and brushes provided. We are excited to be preparing for introductory basket weaving and natural textile education which will be available soon.

Students can help build a fire and learn ways to do this efficiently and safely. We enjoy a wiener roast and work on bush-crafting options/crafts for young and old alike. We move into the garden area to see some living food and explore a compost area where the students can witness and come to understand the process of decomposition (decay). Learning the value of reducing waste and creating better options for our communities and the environment is a wonderful lesson. A small sunflower patch nearby is both a delightful and educational way to discover the power in nature and enjoy some story-telling.

Migration will be occurring soon and we have excellent ponds to view a variety of birds and ducks. They range from hawks, pelicans, swans, Canada geese, hummingbirds, sparrows, swallows, and owls to name a few – sometimes we have an eagle sighting. There are binoculars, telescopes, and a microscope to use for zooming in and out of the life cycles found in a pond and beyond.

We utilize many areas within Prince Albert and the surrounding areas as part of earth skills is possessing a good understanding of our geography and the history it contains. An event or program is developed for each group and skill level and we are able to come to your space for accommodation needs. As a partner with Northern Elite Firearms, we are able to provide the Canadian Firearm Safety Course and the Saskatchewan Hunter Safety program to those who would benefit from that education. Click here to read about the reasons all people should receive firearm education.

Whether you’re a local, new to the area, or visiting from out of town, Wildrose Earth Skills Training offers education and experiences available for everyone. Contact us today to get started on your next adventure.

Happy Trails!

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